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Are you looking for a foot doctor? Pain and loss of function in our feet and ankles can be a huge obstacle, and we understand that getting your body back to normal is of the utmost importance to you.

That is why we offer the highest standard of care in podiatry. We seek to make your visit simple, stress-free, and effective! It is our goal to resolve your pain and function issues in a way that allows you to live the life you are accustomed to.

We Welcome New Patients

If you have never been to a podiatrist before, you may be nervous about your upcoming visit. Don’t be! Millions of people see podiatrists every year for help with their feet, ankles, and lower legs.

Did you know the average person takes about 10,000 steps every day? That is a lot of stress on your feet! And when you consider the array of surfaces and inclines that people walk on, you can see how foot pain can be a common ailment.

What Our Patients Say

I sprained my foot over a year ago. It would not heal and I saw Dr. G. He is the absolute BEST with a steroid injection. Two shots and shoe inserts and I can walk like a normal person again. His staff is also very friendly and helpful.

Susan J.

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